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Salvador me amor

So here I am again with the second installment. Yesterday I went out with the adolescent and it was very amusing. He took me to explore the shopping mall - believe me I have been spending way too much time in that place. We went to the games section and played on that game where you have to score goals by hitting floating disks around a table - not explained very well I know but I´m sure you know what I mean!
We then had an ice cream and bizarrely he chose exactly the same two flavours i was gonna choose out of about 30 choices - weird. It was at this point that we got on to the subject of age.. I discovered that he he is a blossoming 17!! And his mouth damn nearly hit the floor when i told him I was 28. The poor lad I´m not sure he knew quite what to do with himself and genuinely thought i was lying, apparently he thought I was 20 - I am serioulsy considering changing my age to about 23/24 when people ask as this seems to be the reaction I keep getting. It´s very confusing and I´m proud of all that I have done in the past 28 years and don´t like the thought that this wisdom doesn´t show!
Anyway we wandered around a bit more but i just couldn´t help suddenly feeling a bit like I was behaving like a mum, telling him to finsish his drink before we went into the shops etc etc. He´s a very nice 17 year old, the kind grannies ask how to use the phone, but he´s also a big gangly kid who sucks his ice cream out of the cup and can´t sit up straight. Still it´s not as if I have anyone else to hang out with at the mo!
At the present time I am in the usual Chloe decisional quagmire. Having become reasonably settled and enamoured with Salvador I am seriously questionning my decision to return to Rio. It would seem that there is plenty of work in the favelas over here as well and there are lots of NGO´s/voluntary organisations to get involved with. The place is also a lot more chilled and easier than Rio which is a big heaving, hot, steamy and stressed city. Also here is a lot nearer a lot of beautiful beaches. However, the idea of Rio and working in the favelas over there is also strangely seductive and obvioulsy carries somewhat more Kudos. Then there is the possiblity of helping to make the film, helping Afroregge and work in possibly more exciting projects albeit probably working a lot harder. Rio is somewhat more crack cocaine to salvadors marijuana...
Aggh, the decisions. Somehow I can´t help comparing Rio to the dubious selction of men I have been attracted to of late as well, those great attractive and egotistical but dangerous ( in a spiritual sense) and disruptive relations. I guess I will just have to keep on thinking and exploring the options over here.
I have also found a fabulous yoga school just around the corner from the house, it´s full of lovely people and music and the yoga is great. In fact I´m going on a 4 day retreat to a local national park with them next weekend - i can´t wait.
No capoiera as yet... X

Posted by chlojo 05:16 Archived in Brazil

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